Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hark! Val HALLA awaits! ...wtvr that means...

First off i'd like to tell you all how hard it is to find decent pictures of oldschool rockers, and i mean from the 80's/90's. Really hard. I found some... but not good enough. And i don't know enough about those bands to give descriptive names... except Aerosmith, but i could't think of him till now... ANYWHO,

This morning I was watching the Cartoon Cartoon show on cartoon network and they showed the "Justice Friends" from dexter's Lab. I saw the character ValHallen and remembered how much i liked him so i wanted to draw stuff like him. Here it is.

I like the guy on the bottom left the best, the one with a full body and who isn't a tiny robot. Just the overall look and style. That's my opinion on my own drawing.
I don't like the old guy at the bottom right. He's kinda a rip off from thor and i hate drawing beards and mustaches. idunno why it just takes something away, i can't really explain it but maybe girls can relate when they look at guys with mustaches/beards/gotees. o well.

Here's the actual ValHallen.

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Peter Le said...

van hallen!!!!, damn i miss dexter's lab. gogogo draw drawwwwwwww!!!