Thursday, October 29, 2009

The day I was born

Today is my birthday. October 29, 2009. Yea. I'm 20. I'm no longer a teenager.... that's all the significance of the 20th birthday. Besides that I have about a ton and a half of drawing homework to do.
These are some of my thoughts of my first big illustration project in my FIRST animation class. I had to draw a pic involving a Platypus.

I drew these within the last two days

Even from the beginning of this month, (refering to the last post) my drawings have changed. Constantly changing my skills and ideas. Crazy. Whenever Ipost gestures I am only posting about 16% of them. I just choose the ones that look the best (or worst depending). But this is my gsture up to date.
Keep living Keep Drawing.

Increasing in skill and stature

Here you can see the difference between my drawing of the GESTURE from September (left) to October (Right). A drasrtic change, yes. Still in need of improvement which I always will have room for.