Sunday, September 1, 2013

BFA Intro Video

     I know I promised some Comics of Game of Thrones, but I figured I would show you all why my comics are gong to take longer for me to post up. I am currently enrolled in my final Senior class for animation, which we call our BFA (bachelor of fine arts) class. It is a year long course where we work on projects to put in our portfolios for future jobs after we graduate. This will be my toughest year yet but I will finish it and do my best to be a successful artist.

As our very first assignment for my BFA class, we were to make a video introducing ourselves to the class. We had one minute and needed to say our names directly into the camera. The rest was up to us.

Hope you are entertained!

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Anonymous said...

awesome Frankie do and I must add you are a very hot young man!