Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Not a Comic

For a my conceptual illustration class we were assigned to make a "Crew of You" meaning 6 characters based on different components of your personailty. My crew derived from characters I actually partially developed over the summer time. This project pushed me to finish that process and I'm ever so happy for it.
The adventurous kid. Another character is the lil' dinosaur on his head. That's Terry. She's the lovable scaredy cat. Even though she's pretty vulnerable on her own she makes a formidable team with MonsterBoy here. They are still relatively small but they can figure out how to deal with any sort of hungry creatures they run into.

     This.... is Chad. An obliviously gregarious food loving unicorn. He never lets anything get him down. In fact he doesn't understand the theory of sadness. It wasn't a part of his blueprints. He is always trying to make people happy whether its with his infectious smile or with his never ending opinion on food. He's a vegan. His diet consists of mainly butter and sour cream (don't tell him those are animal products... shhhh). Although he always wants to make people happy, he may unknowingly overdue it just to make people more fond of him.

And Here's the rest of the Crew. There's a righteous Fire angel of Wrath who executes the Lord God's duties that have to do with destruction. There's an emo Chick who can't hang with the rest because she's a damper. And a Parkour party bro alien. He's in love with beer.

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