Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I forgot to post this last year....

So I feel like my gorilla drawing skills have increased exponentially. I've been drawing them for about 4 weeks now and at first it was rather difficult. But i see now how easy it is to relate them to the human figure...
 Gorillas are naturally very peaceful creatures. they don't want to hurt anyone or anything unless under attack. In fact, even if a Gorilla was angry enough to charge you, it would most likely stop halfway. The purpose of a charging Gorilla is just to scare possible predators off. Being an 800 pound gorilla I can't imagine that being too difficult a task.
  As with every species of Gorilla the adult male is known as the Silver Back, due to it's grayish fur that appears as it grows into adulthood. And as highlander would say, "there can be only one."
 Eastern Lowland Gorillas are vegetarians or herbivores, eating mostly fruits and various foliage around the jungles they travel.

     Gorillas are happiest when in their natural environment. they love theur families and raise lots of baby gorillas, and move from place to place. They are nomadic creatures.
But when they are put in zoos, they are not at home and they see the same trees and grass the rest of their lives.  
This is what I've learned from spending time with these marvelous creatures.

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